Ryan Parsons

Healthy Living Director & Personal Trainer
Tri-Lakes YMCA

Highlight of working at the Y:

  • I would say I have two highlights! First, is getting to work with my wonderful staff on a daily basis! Second, is opening the new addition to the Healthy Living Floor and having the opportunity to stand side by side with members while they make lasting lifelong changes!

Why the Y:

  • Everybody is welcome! No matter what kind of craziness might be happening in their lives, the Y can bring a sense of normalcy, togetherness and create a positive difference into their lives!

My Philosophy:

  • Know that everybody has a different story or journey.
  • No matter who I am working with (staff or members), I always make sure to put their story first! That way WE can commit and create the best possible situation for them to succeed.
Ryan Parsons
kids playing ball

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