Brittany Hoover

Personal Trainer
Garden Ranch YMCA

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine, Masters of Arts in Sport & Performance Psychology, and currently pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in Health Industry Leadership. I am a BOC certified athletic trainer and a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist. I have additional certificates in Functional Movement Screen levels 1 & 2, K-tape application, and YogaFit levels 1 & 2.

Areas I Specialize In:

  • I specialize in corrective exercise, therapeutic exercise, injury prevention, and sport performance.

My Training Philosophy:

  • My philosophy is to get my clients moving as efficiently as possible. I focus on corrective exercise to build foundational strength and movement patterns in my clients. Once this has been achieved, I use functional movement to improve my senior clients overall strength and improve activities of daily living and general strength and sport performance in my athletes. I value the multidisciplinary approach to health & wellness and I believe in holding my clients accountable in other wellness areas such as proper nutrition, hydration, stress management, etc.

Interests and Achievements:

  • I am the first in my family to receive their masters degree and I intend to one day earn my Doctorate in Clinical Athletic Training (DAT). I enjoy having an active and healthy lifestyle and frequently participate in women’s adult fast pitch softball and women’s adult lacrosse leagues. I actively participate and compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoy running weekend 5K races. I consider myself a clean eating foodie and love to try out new healthy recipes. I love to read novels, pet cats, listen to music, and crochet. I also love to hike and garden. I enjoy volunteering with non-profits in my free time.
Brittany Hoover
kids playing ball

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